Above Left: Trimmed Coffered ceilings add a formal touch to any dining or living room.

Option consists of FULLY WRAPPED dropped beams with Super Crown
trimmed insets. Requires finish painting on-site. Typically used in Great
Rooms or Dining areas.

Above Right: Our 4in soffit with inset crown option is a subtle ceiling detail that works well in any room and is perfect for foyer applications.

Option consists of 4” DROPPED SOFFIT wrapped with 5-1/4” mdf crown molding. Typically used to accent Foyers and Dining Areas but can be used in most rooms.

Left: Custom designs can be created to suit your style and needs. This double recessed tray ceiling is created in a 2−story plan to give the appearance of depth.

Option consists of (2) 4” deep  RECESSED designs with 5-1/4” crown wrapping all sides. ONLY AVAILABLE  IN 2-STORY HOMES.








Double Overlay Tray Ceiling

Above: The double overlay tray is a subtle way to create visual interest without impeding on the ceiling height.

Above: (2) Additional layers of ½” drywall over-laid onto ceiling drywall, completed with finished edge. Gives a very soft look without impeding visual height of ceiling.


Top Left: Beamed ceilings utilize a 4in beam with inset crown. Top Right: A traditional 45 tray ceiling adds a classy touch to dining areas.

Above: Option consists of 4” deep drywall beams with 5-1/4” mdf crown wrapping
all sides. Applicable to most rooms.

Tray Ceiling

Above: 6” Drop from ceiling / 12” out from wall with 45 degree angle sloped to ceiling. Finished drywall.


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