Why Modular?

Climate - Controlled

Weather. It is always the uncontrollable factor in the building process. Our building method takes the majority of weather related issues away. With the modular process, building in our climate-controlled facility continues no matter the weather outside. What kind of advantage could this be for you?

Construction delays due to weather will suddenly be outdated when you use our building method. The “boxes” of your units will be built inside our facility safe from Mother Nature then delivered to your side sealed and weather tight. No longer with the half-constructed building be subjected to the elements as the one pictured be yours. You will have the peace of mind knowing that your unit is safe from the elements.

When Mother Nature gets ugly, which house do you want to be yours?

Green by Nature

Being environmentally conscious is an important factor in the construction and building industry. It is not a new concept for us. In our building method green means the following:

• GreenGuard Certified Insulation

• Tyvek Home Wrap

• ENERGY STAR compliant Vinyl Windows with LoE2 Glass and low U-Factor and SHG Cratings

• Engineering Truss systems

• OSB Sheathings and Deckings

• Shaw Carpets and padding made from Recycled materials

• Whirlpool ENERGY STAR rated appliances options

• Less Waste and recycling of products at our facility

• Less Site and Neighborhood Impact when compared to conventional construction methods

We have been practicing green building methods for years. Did you ever think that changing your building method could change everything?

Energy Efficiency

Consumers are trying to find ways to reduce energy consumption and minimize energy costs. Discriminating buyers are asking how their new home can save them energy costs. In our building method Energy Efficiency means the following:

• Tvyek Home Wrap and Window / Door flashing systems

• R-21 Wall Insulation and R-38 Roof Insulation

• ENERGY STAR compliant Vinyl Windows with LoE2 Glass and low U-Factor and SHGC ratings

• Therma-Tru fiberglass energy efficient doors with polyurethane foam cores (offering five times the energy efficiency of wood) and weather strip, kerfed
door bottom and adjustable sill providing a tight seal

• All electrical boxes and wall penetrations are sealed

• Whirlpool ENERGY STAR appliance options

As energy costs become a greater concern for everyone, conserving energy is gaining importance. Have you ever thought that your building method might be the key to that efficiency?


Yes, it is true. With our building method, the above photo is what you could be working with at the end of day one. Imagine the possibilities that this offers you. Suddenly more homes a year does not sound so difficult. A changing market is not so scary. You will have greater control to be proactive in the market instead of just being reactive.

Our building method can help you gain control of your construction times. A recent case study has shown that the typical residential project can be completed on a 60% shorter time schedule. So where do you want to be? You could be under roof and weather tight or waiting on your crew to show up. Doesn’t the modular process look a lot better?

Where do you want to be at the end of the day?


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